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Mr. Matt Stanislas, Shoulder, Elbow, Hand & Wrist Surgeon
Meet Mr. Matt Stanislas
Mr Matt Stanislas trained in the Liverpool hospitals' rotation...
Meet Mr. Matt Stanislas
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What's new in Shoulder Surgery?

Global® C.A.P.® (Conservative Anatomic Prosthesis)

The Global® C.A.P.® (Conservative Anatomic Prosthesis) is a conservative, humeral head resurfacing implant which is an excellent option for a more active patient population seeking a bone sparing option. The implant is secured by a short, cruciate stem and undersurface Porocoat® porous coating or DuoFix® HA on porous coating. It is intended for patients with degenerative arthritis, rheumatoid or moderately severe humeral head fractures.

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